Saturday, February 26, 2005

Memories of yours cant be erased from my mind
Your face keeps appearing infront of me whenever i open my eyes
Wanna see you everydae
Dying to toke to you or even jus to sae hi
I knew i was in lurve e first time i saw you
U meant so special in my life
Cant forget you no matter how hard i tried
All i can do is to lurve u in slience
Whenever i walked past you,
i jus look at you,
u jus look at me
I lurve you
If onli i have e courage,
i would tell you,
i lurve you
If only i could jus talk to you or even jus to sae hi...

i will never let you go;
8:06 PM

Sianz....its raning nw...jus nw went back 2 sch 4 e streaming talk....den when we reach there, den went 2 e canteen to register...while we were registering, saw some ppl coming down to e canteen....den saw its some 5/1 ppl, den behind dem is 5/2...weee~den saw him, lolx, den look at him....den blah blah, on e way up e hall, saw yilian n puifun and clara...actually saw alot more ppl...ahahaha...later, in e hall, puifun n sam dey all r sittin at e other side, we were at another side...den sittin beside me was *ahem* jealous mah puifun?? Hahaha...e talk was damn sian...den my dad was tokin n shoutin at us abt wad studing stuff, den when e talk ended, went back 2 e car, in e car, my dad was practically toking n shouting at us until we reach e doorstep...sheesh! Cant e shut e hell up?!?! He was toking abt studies n studies....den my mum later started to shout at us...she kept saeing tt we nv put in effort n try our best, actually we did, everytime we try our best, dey wun believe....dey will onli believe when we get e top or sth lyk mum keep telling us 2 do A maths...fuk mum n my dad keep shouting at us 2 go A maths....saeing we owaes play play 1, nv study....if we nv study, den hw cum my sis n i can get into xpress maths.....haiz, sumtimes i realli jus hate dem....dey keep telling us 2 study tis study tt, dey dun care abt our stress lvl or wad we hav in mind....wun dey jus listen 2 us 4 a change?!?!?! Haiz..

Theres 1 thing i jus cant understand...tis morin woke up, saw tt i hav mosquitoes bites...den apparently, e blood sucker suck my blood, leaving alot of bites....n e thing is, my sis din even get 1 mosquitoe bite lor!!! Wahlau, e mosquitoe sooo biased weird

i will never let you go;
6:25 PM

Haiz....ytd heard a sad nite, abt 9 sth, my grandma called, sae my grandfather had been admitted 2 e grandma sae he had hurt his spine or sth lyk tt, den his leg canot move...haiz...i'm soooo stressed!!!!
Mon - chi klass test
Tues - common test
Wed - xpress maths
Thurs - D&T test
Fri - Sci test
Soooo stressed out!!!! E chi n xpress maths damn difficult....comfirm fail 1...ZzZ....
Still cant 4get abt e incident...haiz...he hav stead lers...haiz...

To linda, dun worry if u nv get chosen k?? U will owaes my idol!!! =D

Sian, later hav 2 go back 2 sch 4 e streaming toke...sianz...1330 lyk tt den go wif my dad...nw i noe y my father n my mum's side is nt in veri gd terms...nt gonna sae ya?? Its some faily problems...

i will never let you go;
9:40 AM

I'm so miserable...
No one can help me...
Left wif no choice nor option...

My saddest dae was 24.02.05
Y shuld i even go n c his fotos or profile...
I'm so dumb n stupid...
I'm sooo ugly, fat and short...
I hav nth positive abt me, all i hav is negatives...


i will never let you go;
12:18 AM

Friday, February 25, 2005 blog...srry arh...i hav no time to make, so will be abit weird ya?? Promise tt i'll try 2 update n make up blog as soon as possible ya??

i will never let you go;
11:40 PM

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